You know you’re right when everyone says you’re wrong

Find the path that everyone disagrees with, but that the customer loves.

You want incumbents, pundits, experts, and competitors to be sniggering behind your back.

That’s when you can be sure you’ve found a possible path to success.

Why? Because you won’t have any competition on the path.

Whilst everyone is criticizing you, you’ll be plucking customers with gleeful abandon.

The right path can be difficult sometimes. If the crowd thinks you’re a fool then you’ll find it difficult to find staff and investors.

But that’s a good thing! It’s easier to filter out the parasites.

As hard as it is to find partners, when you do find them they will be with you for the right reason:


There is nothing special in believing in something everyone can see. True success comes from believing in something no one can see.

Find something the customer wants and that everyone else thinks is stupid.

That’s the path to success.

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