You gotta believe

Man running fast to jump over precipice between two mountains. Concepts of determination, business, challenge, success, risk etc.

“No strategy survives first contact.” Helmuth von Moltke

Startup-life is not predictable. The only time you know how things will turn out is before you start.

Getting comfortable with uncertainty is “Step 1” in your journey.

“Step 2” is managing your reactions to adversity and obstacles. Getting upset and blaming the world will get you nowhere. Keep calm and get creative.

“Step 3” is closing your eyes and trusting.

There will come a time in your journey where you simply cannot see the way forward. You just can’t be sure you’ll make it.

At the same time you’ll know you’re so far in that there’s no going back.

The worst mistake you can make is to freeze. That way lies guaranteed failure.

The only way is straight ahead. Keep moving forward.

Trust that everything will be ok.

You gotta believe.

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