You can’t fool an honest man

So you find yourself betrayed.

Your partner has turned out to be a back-stabber.

Over the years he cunningly fooled you with flattery whilst quietly dripping poison into the well, sowing doubt and undermining your position.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit you always knew.

You knew he was bully, probably because he was bullied at school.

You knew he craved attention, probably because his dad never gave him love.

You knew he was arrogant, probably because deep down he was an insecure little boy.

You knew he was unethical, too many people had already hinted at it.

You knew it all, and yet you kept him.


Greed. He was making you rich so you overlooked everything else.

And now you must pay the price.

That’s how it goes, pay the price and move on.

Just don’t lie to yourself.

You can’t fool an honest man.

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