You can’t fight the market

Back in the 80’s, Nintendo had 90% share of the video games market.

They completely dominated, with  Sony bringing up the rear by a long shot.

But then CD’s came along.

All the game developers preferred making games on CD’s.

But, instead of adopting CD’s for their game consoles, Nintendo insisted on persisting with cartridges-only.

This forced games developers that were historically loyal to Nintendo to start making games for Sony (Sony had incorporated CD players on their PlayStation console).

Consumers wanted to play the latest games, and seeing as these games were only available on Sony (in CD format), the gamers were forced to buy Sony game consoles.

Within two years Sony had 70% market share.

Nintendo handed leadership to Sony by the simple mistake of fighting the market.

The market wanted CD’s.

The market won.

Don’t fight the market.