You can’t expect to start something new without letting go something old

Starting a startup can be a bit like finding a new girlfriend (or boyfriend): It’s tempting to find her whilst you’re still with your existing girl.

Most of the time this doesn’t work.

Its hard to start something new when you’re stuck in something old.

You have to have the guts to take the plunge, break up, and go out into the wild, alone. Single.

What happens if you never find another girl? What happens if you die of old age, alone and filthy?

That’s the risk you take. Far more scary is the thought of living your whole life with someone that doesn’t light a fire in you.

Does your work light a fire in you? If not maybe you need to “break up”.

Ideally, you’ll have a “plan B” sorted before you start your new path.

But mostly you won’t. It’s as though you’re sailing down the coast, keeping the land in sight, but knowing that you must eventually cross the ocean if you are to find new worlds.

You must lose sight of the land if you are to cross the ocean

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