What is the definition of integrity?

Some people think integrity is honesty.

You have integrity if you tell the truth, simple as that.

Not true.

Integrity is much more than telling the truth.

For example, not telling the entire truth is a form of lying, but it’s not exactly lying, and therefore would still qualify you as having integrity if your definition is “telling the truth”.

Integrity is:

  1. Telling the truth.
  2. Telling the whole truth.
  3. Telling only the truth.
  4. Telling the same truth to different people, from the tea lady to the chairman.

In effect, integrity is honesty, openness and consistency.

So when you’re trying to decide whether someone has integrity, ask yourself whether she is honest, open, treats everyone the same, and is the same person every day.

It’s not just about telling the truth.

If she doesn’t tick all the boxes, she lacks integrity.

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