What are you doing with your life?

Are you the path you want to be on?

Or are you on the path you fell into?

Maybe you were raised to NEVER GIVE UP. 

To never admit defeat. To push through. To struggle. 

Fine and laudable, except what is the point if you’re on the wrong path?

Never giving up when you’re on the wrong path is wasting your life.


How do you know whether you’re on the right path?

You just know. 

It’s like the magic of love. It makes you come alive.

It’s either there, or it isn’t.

Sometimes you spend so long doing stuff that doesn’t make you come alive that you start thinking maybe that’s how the world is.

You think your black & white fuzzy picture is as good as it gets

Until you get a glimpse of a technicolor screen, and you realize there’s something more out there.

But you need courage.

You need the guts to give up, to turn back, to choose the right path.

One life, that’s all you have.

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