Wash your hands


If you’re entrepreneur, you’re a salesman and a manager. If you’re in sales, you inevitably have to meet people. If you’re a manage to inevitably have to spend time with people.

Spending time with people means shaking hands. Shaking hands is a great way to contract germs.

You’re not only shaking his hand, but every other hand that person has shaken that day.

That’s a lot of strange germs. Enough strange germs will eventually make you sick. When you’re sick you can’t work. When you can’t work, you can’t make a profit.

You can’t be an entrepreneur if you can’t make a profit.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid shaking hands. It’s part of the game, people take offense to germophobes.

The answer is to wash your hands, regularly. Especially after shaking multiple strange hands.

Carry hand sanitizer, or excuse yourself to the men’s room.

In between hand-washes, don’t touch your face.

Clean hands = less sick = more profit.

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