Unquestioning loyalty is bad

Every business needs trust.

It’s the lubricant that lets you move fast knowing your team have your back.

Loyalty is a key ingredient for trust.

There is no space for traitors in a winning team.

But loyalty can be taken too far.

Expecting your team to be loyal to you even if you’re taking them down the wrong path, is wrong.

Being loyal to your employee/partner in spite of immoral behaviour, is wrong.

Loyalty is paramount, but it has exceptions.

When you (or the other person) has broken the law, or has behaved in a morally reprehensible manner, you must ask questions, you must take action.

If you don’t, you’ll one day find yourself in a place with lots of yes men of questionable character.

That’s not a good place.

Unquestioning loyalty is bad.

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