Top 7 tips to new matrics


  1. Keep learning. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.
  2. Take calculated risks. Some lessons only come with failure. If you’re not failing occasionally, you’re not taking enough risk. The trick is to make sure if you fail you don’t go underwater, ie: go to jail, go bankrupt, die.
  3. Take all your money and spend it travelling before you’re 30. Go into debt. Travel whilst you don’t have a mortgage or kids or a serious job. You’ll never have the spare time again until you’re retired. The world looks different when you’re young.
  4. Listen to your parents, unless they don’t love you or themselves. Life is long. Put in the hard yards before you’re 25 and your foundation will be set for take-off.
  5. Study at a university if you can. Study to be a professional if you can. You’ll learn a bit, but most importantly you’ll create a new network of on-the-up friends that will help you get ahead in life.
  6. Enjoy single life whilst you can, but when you find the one you love, get married. Removing “mating” rituals from your life will let you focus. Focus is the only way to get ahead. The sooner you marry, the sooner you can get ahead. Also, you’ll find a better life partner if you marry before you make bucks. If you marry the wrong person, don’t panic. Part ways and try again. Keep moving. Refer to points 1 and 2.
  7. Understand finances early on. Notwithstanding point 3, always live within your means. If you can’t save 10% of your monthly salary, you’re living beyond your means. Don’t go into debt, even when buying a house. Rent until you can pay cash. If you must spend your money, spend it on travel.

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