There are two kinds of fame


Fame has its benefits. Opportunities come your way, you can market your product, you attract investors, partners and staff.

The trick is to be the right kind of famous.

There are two kinds of fame:

1. Everyone famous

Movie stars are “everyone famous”. Brad Pitt can’t walk down the street without being stopped for an autograph. The novelty wears off. Your life can become very lonely because you can never be anonymous.

You end up having to hide yourself and your family away from the crowds.

2. TED famous

TED fame is the kind of fame where no one recognises you, except the members of the audience at a TED talk.

You can walk down the street without being hassled, but everyone knows who you are when you enter the boardroom of a company in your industry.

In business, its better to be TED famous.

You get the upside, without the downside.

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