Theory is different to practice

You’ve read every entrepreneur book. You’ve done an MBA. You’ve gobbled up every podcast.

You’re ready to start your business.

You quit your job.

You can’t find a good idea.

When you do, someone steals it.

You bring your friend in as a partner, you fight, he leaves, takes half your money.

You spend twice as much money as you budgeted.

You run out of money.

No one wants to invest.

You’re scrambling for payroll.

Your wife or husband starts complaining that she or he sees less of you now, and has less money for groceries.

You finally finish your product, then realize that sales is more important than production.

You realize you’re a glorified salesman.

You realize sales is about kissing ass. Which is basically the same as working in corporate, without the financial security of a monthly salary.

And on it goes.

Somehow the books and MBA and podcasts didn’t teach you this stuff.

If you truly want to be an entrepreneur, stop the theory.

Start your business.

Theory is different to practice.

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