The Struggle

The life of a startup entrepreneur is demoralising.

Especially if you’re coming out of a corporate job.

It is demoralising coming out of a big organisation with a big brand and find it hard to get meetings.

It is demoralising not being able to sell stuff.

It is demoralising not having a funnel of opportunity waiting in your inbox every day.

It is demoralising when your initial revenue projections turn out to be fantasy.

It is demoralising when your spouse starts questioning your judgement.

It is demoralising when you’re responsible for payroll.

It is demoralising when everyone is looking to you for answers.

It is demoralising when you don’t find success.

And it’s lonely. 

Demoralising + lonely = The Struggle

The Struggle is the reason most people don’t succeed as entrepreneurs.

It’s just too hard, so you give up.

Fair enough, it’s not for everyone.

But, if it is for you, then you have no choice.

Don’t give up.


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