The Rum & Raisin Theory Of Destiny

I like rum & raisin ice cream. For some reason, not all ice cream shops sell rum & raisin ice cream. This glaring flaw in the universe has a silver lining: it led to the Rum & Raisin Theory Of Destiny.

It works like this. If I walk into an ice cream shop and they have rum & raisin ice cream, I buy some. If they don’t have, then I leave the shop empty handed.

Either way, Destiny is telling me something. “Today is ice cream day”, or “Today is not ice cream day”. I find its best to listen to Destiny when she speaks.

The Rum & Raisin Theory of Destiny can be applied to all areas of life, including love and business.

Note this rule can only be applied to things of which there is a scarcity, i.e.: not vanilla ice cream.

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