The greatest risk

There is physical risk. There is financial risk. But the greatest risk in life is to trust someone.

You can always fix a broken arm or make back your millions. But a broken heart is much more difficult to mend.

Richard Dawkins became famous in 1976 for writing The Selfish Gene. He argued that humans are inherently selfish and he’s spent a lifetime expounding on this core belief.

I don’t think so. Someone needs to write The Social Gene (somebody probably has). Humans are social; there is enough evidence of this to make the fact uncontestable. When we’re alone we die younger, we suffer greater sicknesses and we’re unhappy.

Society is essential. And trust is the glue of society. If you have no trust, you have no society, and you have no happiness.

That’s why, although it opens you to the greatest pain, trust is also the path to the success.

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