The difference between thinkers and doers

There are 2 extremes in life that you want to avoid. Extreme thinkers, and extreme doers.

An extreme thinker is like a guy who is so busy planning his wee[1], that he forgets to unzip and instead wets his pants. The satisfaction of having designed the perfect wee is besmirched by the realization that his wardrobe must now be replaced.

An extreme doer is like a guy who is so intent on working hard that instead of thinking things through, he wees on his hands (and pants and sometimes his shirt). The warming sensation on his hands gives the misguided perception of progress, whereas in fact he is making more work for himself.

Keep a safe distance from extreme thinkers. Be careful of shaking hands with extreme doers.

[1] In consideration of the audience, I’ve refrained from the colloquial form of “wee”.

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