The difference between a pro and a rookie

A pro keeps his look cool whilst things fall apart.

A rookie panics, loses his temper, and runs around when things fall apart.

A pro sleeps on big decisions.

A rookie shoots from the hip without considering the consequences properly.

A pro knows that the best product in the world is worthless without sales & marketing.

A rookie believes that “if you build it they will come.”

A pro know raises money knowing the investor doesn’t want to save the world, she wants to get rich.

A rookie thinks that saving the world is more important that return on investment.

A pro controls the narrative about herself and her company.

A rookie lets the crowd control the narrative about herself and her company.

A pro keeps her lifestyle simple.

A rookie buys a fancy car the moment she makes money.

A pro chases every little opportunity she can find.

A rookie only gets out of bed for the big deals.

A pro encourages her staff to find opportunities out in the big world.

A rookie tries to trap her staff in her company, threatening hell & damnation if they leave.

A pro makes herself dispensable.

A rookie makers herself indispensable.