The choice of Hercules

One day, as a young man, Hercules was walking along an unfamiliar path and came across a fork in the road.

Unsure which path to take he was confronted by two goddesses.

The first was a beautiful woman called Kakia, made up and dressed in fine clothing. She claimed her friends called her Eudaimonia, meaning happiness.

She insisted Hercules followed her path as it is the easiest and most pleasant way of life. A shortcut to true happiness.

He could live like a king, avoid hardship and enjoy luxuries beyond men’s wildest dreams.

Eventually it was the turn of the other Goddess, Arete.

She was more modest, although shone with natural beauty.

She warned that her path was long and difficult and would require hard work.

He would suffer. He would be reviled by his enemies.

Arete noted, “Nothing that is good and valuable is granted by the Gods without effort and application. Overcoming great obstacles through courageous and honourable deeds is the only path to fulfilment in life.”

Hercules chose the path of Arete.

The Gods forced him to undertake the legendary Twelve Labours.

Even though he died in extreme agony after being betrayed by his jealous wife, Zeus was so impressed by his mortal feats that he was raised to the pantheon of Gods and immortalised.

Every day as an entrepreneur you are faced with choices.

Remember, there is no shortcut.

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