The Big Almanac Podcast – Part 5

Excerpts from Be A Hero: Lessons and tips on how to find success and happiness, and mostly importantly, how to be a Hero.

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8. ADVERSITY (continued) (20 minutes) 

8.6 Don’t run away
8.7 Forget about revenge
8.8 Take it like a man
8.9 Four steps for recovering from failure
8.10 There’s only one way out of a jam
8.11 Sometimes you have to play dead
8.12 Seven tricks for fighting fear
8.13 This too shall pass


9.1 Tell your story
9.2 Seven tips to improve your memory
9.3 Six rules for writing
9.4 The difference between thinkers and doers
9.5 Twenty-three tips for becoming a better negotiator
9.6 The art of selling
9.7 Change your mind

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