The Big Almanac Podcast – Part 4

Excerpts from Be A Hero: Lessons and tips on how to find success and happiness, and mostly importantly, how to be a Hero.

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6. HABITS (continued) (20 minutes)

6.11 Nap
6.12 Meditate
6.13 Pray


7.1 Find your tribe
7.2 Be yourself
7.3 Watch out for slackers
7.4 Beware people that keep their options open
7.5 Don’t let friends hold you back
7.6 Don’t let people upset you
7.7 Stay away from energy vampires


8.1 Defeat is ok
8.2 Stop waiting for someone to save you
8.3 Don’t be a victim
8.4 Don’t blame other people
8.5 Tackle obstacles head on

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