The 3 unloved ingredients of start-up success

We all hear of the big factors for business success, ie: IQ, hard work, perseverance, luck, etc.

But there are a couple traits that are as important but get less of the limelight:

1.             Tolerance for uncertainty

Start-up life is all about not knowing what the future holds, being ready for curveballs, and being cool with that uncertainty. In start-ups, if you don’t like surprises, you’re in for a shock.

2.             Get things done

Some people talk a good game but there is no visible progress. That works in big corporates where you can hide amongst the crowd. But start-up life is the purest manifestation of the tide going out. He who has no clothes will quickly be exposed. I don’t know if it’s a genetic thing or a competence thing, but some people can get shit done, others can’t. The latter kill start-ups.

3.             Marriage

If you have the right life partner, your odds of success are greater. Especially if he or she can pay the bills whilst you roll the dice! The path to entrepreneurial success is laid with rich spouses J.

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