Switch off at 6pm


You get home after a long day. Your kids and spouse welcome you.

They start telling you about their day. Already your mind is wandering to that email you haven’t sent, or that call you haven’t made.

You decide to sneak in a few quick e-mails, or WhatsApp messages, or social media sites. It’s important the world knows that you never stop working.

Stop it.

The world doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is being 100% present in whatever you do.

Family is the most important thing you do.

Switch off your phone when you get home. If you have work to do, wake up at 5am. If you have lots of work, wake up at 4.

Be 100% present. Your relationship with your spouse will improve. Yours kids will share with you more. You’ll sleep better.

As a bonus you’ll be able to read more books.

There is a background hum of nervous mental energy that increasingly pervades our daily lives.

To reduce the hum, minimise distractions.

Switch off your phone at 6pm.

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