Super 15 rugby vs Silicon Valley tech

The Sharks are like Microsoft.  Brute strength, no ideas.

The Stormers are like Facebook. Lots of promise, no delivery.

The Bulls are like apple. A religion. You don’t like it, go somewhere else.

The Cheetahs are like DropBox. Everyone’s second favourite team.

The Southern Kings are like Zynga. No one likes the chief.

The Lions are like Instagram. Too busy thinking about money to play a full 90 minutes.

The Crusaders are like Google. Vaguely disliked because they always win. Mostly loved, because they always win.

The Brumbies are like Average players. Great coach.

The Reds are like Business Insider. Winning, but you can’t help but notice the star player is or should be a former convict.

The Blues are like Amazon. Champs in the 90’s. Since then they’ve showed epic promise but haven’t won anything (or shown profit).

The Chiefs are like Twitter. No one knows if they have substance, but man on man can they play a beautiful game.

The rest are too boring to describe.

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