Succeed at home before expanding away

When you start a business, especially in tech, it’s easy to get geographically ambitious.

Why limit yourself to Gauteng? Why not do Eastern Cape, Western Cape and KZN at the same time?

Why limit yourself to South Africa? Why not do Zimbabwe and Kenya and Nigeria at the same time?

Why stop at Africa? Take over the world!

Cool your jets.

If you can’t succeed at home, you won’t succeed away from home.

First prove your business model, generate cash, systematize.

Then start expanding. When you expand, do so contiguously. Don’t jump over towns, provinces or countries that you don’t think are important.

Don’t leave gaps on your map. Before moving from South Africa to Malawi, make sure you cover Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Make sure you have your home turf sorted before turning your gaze to world domination.

One step at a time.

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