Solve government problems

The way to make money is to find a problem people are willing to pay you to solve.

Take away pain. Make people’s lives easier.

The best problems are those that no one else is trying to solve. Competition is not good for profit.

In tech, that means solving problems that don’t exist in the USA.

You don’t want to be competing with a rabidly aggressive and well funded Silicon Valley startup that happens to have offices next to Facebook.

Rather tackle problems that are uniquely local. “Local” can mean limited to South Africa, or Africa, or the third world, or whatever.

In a country like South Africa, the most pressing problems are being tackled by the government. Housing, crime, education. Not only are they highly localised, but they’re big challenges, which gives you an opportunity to build a big business.

Help the government solve problems. You’ll build a big business and make a difference.

Whatever it is, just make sure no one in America is thinking about it.

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