Social Capitalism

Social buying, social reading, social TV, social music. Everywhere you go, every magazine you open, every link you click, “Social” is the wave of the future.

I read this morning that Mark Zuckerberg is the billionaire with the greatest increase in wealth in the past year. $11billion, no doubt due to the streaking success of Facebook…

Facebook is a… yes, you guessed it, “Social” network.

“Social” is the new black. Especially in America. So it seems ironic that a mere 3 letters separate the new magic word from the old evil word of “socialism.”

And yet, it seems more and more people are waking up to the fact that raw, naked, unchecked capitalism is not healthy. Of course, the historical connotations of “Socialism” make it completely unpalatable for most, regardless of what form it takes.

Maybe its time to coin a new term. “Social capitalism.” Kick out all the bad stuff; only bring in the good stuff. No more inequality, economic busts, financier rapists, illiterate poor. No one left behind, but the best can still get ahead.

Social capitalism. Maybe one day this will be the new black.

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