Shave before going to work

If you’re a guy, it’s easy to not shave in the morning.

To go to work with a 24hr stubble.

You work for yourself, you’re the boss, you’re a rainmaker, no one can shout at you for not shaving.



There are three good reasons for shaving every single morning (even weekends):

  1. It’s a routine. Sticking to your routines minimises decision fatigue and frees up your creative juices.
  2. It looks professional. If you’re an entrepreneur you’re always selling. You’re always trying to make a good impression. Why take the chance of looking slovenly by not shaving in the morning?
  3. You’re setting an example every day. For your staff, for your kids, for whoever is watching you, unbeknownst to you. If you want a slap-gat culture, or inconsistent customer service, then shave some days, don’t shave other days.

It’s not so hard. Shave every morning.

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