When you’re young it’s harder to understand the importance of respect. 

You learn it by rote: Respect your elders, respect the other sex, respect other races, respect other religions, be polite, say please & thank you.

But you don’t really understand what it means.

When you leave home and start your career, there’s no one to remind you to be respectful.

This is dangerous, especially if you find success early.

Early success might make you ask, “Why do I need to respect that guy?”

And so you become disrespectful of everyone except perhaps those who’ve made more money than you or believe the same things you do.

That way lies failure. 

Respect is the cornerstone of success. 

Without respect no one will follow you.

Without respect no one will help you. 

Without respect no one will like you.

Maybe you’re lucky and you’re always rich and you can always pay folks to follow/help/like you.

Maybe not. 

Better safe than sorry.

Respect women. Respect men. Respect other cultures. Respect your elders. 


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