Reply to emails immediately

Do you find yourself dreading your email?

Afraid of unpleasant communication?

Can’t stand seeing how many unread items there are in your inbox?

The easy solution is to simply play dead. Do anything except tackle your email. Pretend that email is not important for your business.

That’s just stupid.

Email is one of the most powerful tools of business.

Imagine running a business in the 70’s and not reading your post? You wouldn’t be able to operate.

Same for email.

Not only is email an essential tool, but people judge you by how you deal with email.

If you want to seem like a slacker (or technologically illiterate), then don’t reply to email fast.

Let it build up a mile high, so high that it eventually seems an unachievable goal and you give up.

You may as well give up on having your own business.

It you want to be an entrepreneur, get used to loving email.

Email is your best friend.

The way to stay on top is to never let it get ahead of you.

Reply to email immediately.

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