Put the team first

Football team --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

“Every man for himself,” is a motto for good times. Self-preservation as the primary motivation works fine when everything is going fine.

But when you face adversity, selfishness fails.

An entrepreneur operates in an environment of adversity. An environment where teamwork and trust are the keys to success.

“Never leave a man behind” is the motto of an entrepreneur. Be unselfishness. Put your colleagues needs ahead of yours.

Create a culture of loyalty.

Loyalty can only happen when there is unswerving trust that your colleague has your back.

Team mates that are loyal to one another can overcome almost any obstacle.

It starts with you. Will you put what’s good for the team ahead of what’s good for you?

If you do, you will create a culture of loyalty that no crisis can break.

Put the team ahead of yourself.

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