Pay the box guy

War Dogs is a movie about a small-time arms dealer who won an enormous US Army contract to supply AK-47 ammunition.

The profit was tens of millions of dollars.

The problem was he could only fulfil the deal with ammunition made in China. It was illegal for the US Army to procure arms from China.

The dealer decided to ignore the law, and instead hired a guy to unpack all the ammunition from the Chinese-marked crates, and repack in unmarked boxes.

The gargantuan operation was miraculously completed on time, for a fee of $50,000.

The US Army received their arms, the dealer was paid, and it seemed he’d gotten away with it.

Until the FBI arrived at his houses with an arrest warrant.

Turns out the dealer didn’t pay the $50,ooo owing to the box guy. He had the cash, but he decided to keep it.

In revenge, the box guy phoned the Dept of Defense and reported the dealer for rebranding Chinese ammunition and selling it to the US Army.

The dealer lost all his money and went to jail. Not fun.

All because he got greedy and didn’t pay the box guy.

Don’t be greedy. Do the right thing.

Pay the box guy.

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