Pay attention. Be in the moment


Do you find yourself looking at your phone all the time? Can you not quietly spend time playing with your kids? Do you always need to fill the empty minute?

If so, you have a problem.

You cannot be present.

If you cannot be present, you will miss opportunities. If you miss opportunities, you cannot be the greatest entrepreneur you can be.

Being present means paying attention. 100% focused and in the moment.

The present moment must be your primary concern. The future is secondary.

When writing a business plan, pay attention to the process, not your email.

When meeting a customer, pay attention to the conversation, not the close.

When playing with your kids, pay attention to the game, not your phone.

Start with the rule: “No phone in meetings.” This will let concentrate on the person you’re speaking to. Don’t be distracted, don’t miss something that could be the difference between winning and losing.

100% focus is the difference between making money and losing money.

Pay attention. Stay present.

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