Meditate every day


To some people meditation seems a tad cheesy.

Fortunately for an entrepreneur, cheesy is good.

Meditation is probably the simplest way of cultivating focus, restoring energy and managing stress.

Mindfulness meditation is widely taught to cancer patients, prisoners, and people suffering from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

It can’t be bad for you.

There are two meditation techniques:

  1. Concentration meditation –concentrate your attention on a single point or object, which may be an image, an imagined sound, or the physical sensation of your own breathing.
  1. Mindfulness meditation – keep your attention rooted in the present moment and observe your thoughts and sensations from a perspective of neutral detachment. Also known as “staying in the present moment.”

Start every day with 20 minutes of meditation.

Its safe and free, and it will help you focus.

Meditation = focus  = success.

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