Maximise your energy


Energy is the single most important resource you have. Not time, not money. Energy.

To maximise your energy, do the following:

  1. Sleep properly – seven hours of sleep a night is all you need. Try have a 20minute power nap just after lunch.
  2. Avoid energy vampires – steer clear of people that suck your energy. Life is too short.
  3. Stay healthy – avoid illness by keeping your immune system strong. Avoid sugar. Drink ginger tea.
  4. Eat light and healthy food – Starch and carbohydrates give you quick boosts following by downers. Steak makes you want to go to sleep. Rather stick to low-burn, easily-digestable food like salad, vegetables and soup.
  5. Meditate – Practice clearing your mind, breathing, being mindful. It will clear your head and give an energy boost.
  6. Exercise – Exercise 20min every day if you can. At the very least go for daily walks. Expending energy begets energy.
  7. Easy on the coffee – Caffeine is a natural energy booster, but too much will suppress your natural energy hormones, leaving you unfocused and lethargic in between coffee doses.
  8. Love what you do – The easiest way to have energy for everything in your day is to do what you love.