Make your life an adventure

Being an entrepreneur can be dreary. It can be tiring. It can be painful. It can be unpleasant.

That’s why you need to get good at turning your life into a story. Change the narrative in your head from, “Oh woe is me, I had to sit outside the client’s office for six hours,” to “Damn, my life is unusual. How strange is a job where you need to sit outside a client’s office for six hours?”

Make your career interesting. Make it funny. Make it a story that entertains other people.

Make it a story that entertains you.

Otherwise the dull & painful parts will get you down. You’ll become resentful, impatient, unhappy.

No one likes resentful, impatient and unhappy folk. If people don’t like you they won’t buy from you.

If you can’t sell, you’ll fail.

Make your life an adventure and you’ll make yourself happy.

Be happy, and you’ll sell more.

Sell more, and you’ll win.

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