Make haste slowly

Tortoise and hare

“Festina lente” was the motto for Augustus, emperor of Rome. He was not a dude known for hesitation. But he understood the dangers of being overly hasty.

Before firing the laser, ask yourself, is this decision important?

If it’s not important, go ahead and make a decision. The consequences are minor if wrong, and you can quickly change course.

If it’s a big decision, pause.

Sleep on big decisions. Your unconconscious will deal with the question whilst you sleep, and when you wake up you’ll know what the right thing to do is. Sometimes it’s such a complicated matter you need a few nights to sleep on it.

Take your time. Anyone who won’t let you have a couple nights to think about something is an ass.

Don’t let anyone force a quick decision on you.

Make haste slowly.

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