Listen to the Universe

entrepreneur universe

Every day you get signals and signs telling you whether you’re on the right track (or wrong track).

Listen. The “Universe” is taking you somewhere. If you pay attention you can get there without unnecessary fighting. Don’t fight the donkey cart.

Maybe your mission is to find to a big customer for your product. Instead of yakking away to the buying manager about how awesome your product is, try asking him what he’s looking for. Then listen. The “Universe” is talking. Take notes and give him what he wants.

Maybe your mission is to find a CFO. Instead of desperately trying to hook the person you think would be perfect, try taking a step back and considering all the possible candidates. You may find the perfect partner is not who you thought it was. That’s the “Universe” saving you from a costly hiring mistake.

Maybe your mission is to raise money. You think you know where to look, and you’re looking frantically and without success. Rather calm down, make sure people know what you need, and wait for the help to come to you. Maybe no one gives you capital. Or maybe someone calls out the blue and saves the day. That’s the “Universe” helping you out, either by ensuring you don’t raise money to go down a deadend, or that you don’t bring onboard the wrong shareholder.

Everything happens for a reason. Deo volente. Work as hard as you possibly can, but then have the patience to stop and read the signs and signals that are before you every day.

A false path in life is generally something we are attracted to for the wrong reasons—money, fame, attention, and so on. Those are signposts to failure.

The Universe wants you to win. It is sending you signals.

Listen to the Universe, and you’ll win.

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