Just because a seal crawls up onto the beach doesn’t mean it’s going to die

Watching a seal crawl onto the beach and flop down is pretty unusual.

Easy to assume it’s dying. It’s dragged itself out of the water to gasp its last few breaths.

So you get sad. Or you call the sea vet people. Or you start googling “climate change” to confirm your suspicion that the seal is dying due to human carbon emissions.

An hour later you go check on the seal, expecting to see scavengers tearing at its carcass.

Seal’s gone. What happened? It went back into the water.

Turns out it was just having a break.

You worked yourself into a froth for nothing.

Same goes for lots of things in your business.

Don’t jump to conclusions.

Don’t cause yourself stress about stuff you don’t know for sure about.

If a seal crawls into your office, be cool.

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