Ignore the pundits. Go see for yourself

Nowadays, it seems that averyone is talking about the renewable electricity boom.

“Solar & wind farms are the future. Fossil fuels are dead. Stay away from coal generated electricity. It’s dying. No money. Rather go where the money is: Renewables.”

Before believing the noise, take a drive out to Calvinia in the Northern Cape, home to some of the biggest wind and solar farms in SA.

It’s amazing to see the giant wind turbines. Incredible to see the miles of solar panels.

But there is no money. The towns in the area are devoid of economic activity. There are no new jobs.

If anyone is making money, she is living in Germany where they’re building the turbines. Or China, where they’re manufacturing solar panels.

Then take a drive out to Laphalale in Limpopo, home to the country’s biggest coal-fired power stations, including Medupi and Kusile.

It is booming. Coal mines are pumping out coal. Power stations are being built with steel made next door. Jobs are being created every day. Money is being spent.

The place is humming.

Where would you rather start a business? In a dead economy like Calvinia? Or a booming economy like Laphalale?

Would you prefer to build a business on a receding tide, or an incoming tide?

The latter is the answer.

If you’d listened to the pundits you’d be investing in Calvinia.

Rather go see what’s happening for yourself.

Ignore the pundits

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