How to deal with a flu epidemic in your company

sick kid

At the change of seasons there is an inevitable outbreak of flu.

Not only is it kak to be sick, it’s not good for business. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur with a small team that can’t afford to stop moving. Here are some guidelines we use for dealing with flu in our companies:

If you’re sick stay home, don’t make other people sick

If you have too much work to stay home then please don’t cough on colleagues or shake hands or share bodily fluids in any way (you can shut down those dirty thoughts).

Basic rules to stay healthy:

1. Drink ginger tea with lemon.

2. Wash hands regularly.

3. Don’t touch face.

4. Eat garlic.

If you feel yourself getting sick, don’t be Harry Casual. Boost your immune system!

1. Get enough sleep.

2. Eat plenty vitamin C and olive leaf extract.

3. Don’t get drunk (a drink or two is ok, a hangover is not ok).

4. Stay away from sugar (small does of sugar can suppress your immune system for up to 5 hours).

You’re welcome to ignore all of the above, but then don’t complain when you have to pay the price.

Being sick is not an excuse for not delivering the goods at work.

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