How to build a culture that can’t innovate


If you want your company to innovate, you need creative partners and staff.

The best creatives have options. They don’t have to work for you.

So you have to create an environment that attracts creatives.

Creatives don’t like working in an environment where they can’t express their ideas. If they don’t like your leadership style, they go somewhere else.

This is what not to do:

  1. Rule by fear
  2. Micromanage
  3. Make fun of people

Dictatorial behaviour like shouting at staff, looking over shoulders, and mocking dumb ideas, will lead to an environment that ejects creative people.

You’ll be left with the dregs. People who actually like being shouted at, need to be micromanaged, and never come up with ideas.

People who can’t innovate.

If your staff can’t innovate, your company can’t innovate.

If your company can’t innovate, you’ll fail.

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