How to be courageous

Its not useful to have the courage of a lion: Genetically inbred and taken for granted.

Rather have the courage of a coward. A learnt skill, therefore more powerful.

Being a natural coward is useful for business.

It forces you to acquire the habit of avoiding the thoughts that lead to fear.

It forces you to teach your mind to think in one way only: Positively.

Here are some tricks for cultivating courage:

  1. Meditate – Clear your mind of the little voice. Be present, calm and collected.
  2. Fight for others – You may not have the guts to fight for yourself. Rather find someone else that you love enough to fight for. Find a partner, or a spouse, or kids. Anyone that will give you the courage you need to stand up when you’re needed.
  3. Prepare – Make sure you have enough cash in the bank. Stay close to your important customers. Have a Plan B for everything.
  4. Practice – Keep taking risks. Keep doing things that make you scared. The more you fail, the more you’ll be immunised to the fear of failure.

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