Find your purpose

Having goals is not the same as having a purpose.

You may have goals in life, but they may not make you come alive.

Only your true purpose can light you up.

You are on the planet for a reason.

That reason is hidden away in your subconscious. 

It’s hard to find.

It’s only through living your life that you can uncover your purpose.

Maybe it’s raising kids. Or banking the world. Or flying to Mars.

Whatever it is, you stumble across something that makes you come alive.

Something that makes you buoyant.

There is no fear. You have meaning and fulfillment and sweet satisfaction.

When you get that feeling, don’t ignore it.

It’s precious. It’s the reason you’re on the planet.

Chase it.

Be careful not to predetermine your life.

How can you find your true path if you are determined to have your life unfold in a particular way?

Take off the restrictions. Open yourself to life.

Find your purpose.

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