FAQ’s entrepreneurs ask about names and brands

Names are personal, which means people get emotional when they talk about names. Especially company names.
I’ve written about the importance of company names before. Here are some more answers to FAQ’s:
Why does it matter how long my company name is?
Your brand must match your URL and email exactly. A long URL means the following:
  • Hard to spell which means many a drawn out telephone conversation slowly spelling your email address (my surname taught me lots about keeping it simple),
  • Hard to type (without typos) which means emails from clients wanting to give you lots of cash might be lost in ether.
Keep it to 7 characters, 10 at the absolute max.
With Hero Telecoms I registered herotelecoms.com but I don’t want to spell that every time. So I also got herotel.com
I start with telling people about Hero Telecoms but my URL and email is all herotel.com
MTN use to be Mobile Telephone Network.
Vodacom used to be Voice & Data Communication.
Over time they shrunk their names successfully. But I’m sure there are regrets they didn’t come up with more imaginative names, and MTN still uses mtn.co.za (the .com is owned by some random person in the universe)

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