Excuses are for your ego

When you lose, you make excuses.

It’s natural. Few people can resist the urge to defend themselves.

“It was COVID.” “It was the global financial crisis.” “It was the Rand.”

Valid excuses for why you failed.

But an utterly useless exercise in the quest for success.

Excuses make you feel better about yourself, mostly because they represent a story for other people to understand that you didn’t fail because you’re a loser.

You failed because “insert excuse.”

The thing is: it doesn’t matter what other people think.

It only matters that you win.

Only your ego cares what other people think.

Your ego is not important. Only winning is important.

Diverting energy to making excuses lowers your odds of winning.

Forget about excuses. Forget about the crowd.

Focus on moving forward.

Excuses are for your ego.

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