Entrepreneurs use Facebook to collect debt

entrepreneur shame

Scared of fraud? Don’t know how to find the crooks? Don’t know how to get your money back?

Don’t panic.

A US study showed that the number one reason the majority of felons commit crime is because they thought they could get away with it.

Nowadays, with social media like Facebook, there is no getting away with it.

A recent example: We stayed at Umgazi River Bungalows recently. The manager was telling a story of a guest who’d rung up a bill of R20,000 and then left without paying.

Turns out he’d given fake information, so they posted a photo of him and the story on the Umgazi Facebook page. Two months later an Umgazi patron spotted the con-man at a casino in Vereeniging, reporting him to security. The police were called and he’s now in jail.

There are no more secrets! Slowly people are waking up to the fact that if you commit a crime, your mom, your dad, your siblings, and your community will soon find out.

When you’re taken by a crook, find him on Facebook and tell all his friends what he did.

Forget about debt collectors. Use Facebook to name and shame.

You’ll get your money back, AND future customers will think twice before messing with you.

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