Entrepreneurs understand the difference between respect and ego

entrepreneur Respect

Sometimes you can feel disrespected by your client. He takes calls during your meetings. He always keeps you waiting. He never returns your messages.

Sometimes this behaviour is due to true lack of respect. Maybe your client has no consideration for your time or needs. Maybe your client simply doesn’t like you.

Whatever the reason, life is too short to hang out with disrespectful people, so move on.

But sometimes your client is not being disrespectful. Sometimes he is simply very busy, juggling lots of balls, putting out fires every day.

His behaviour might inconvenience you, but its not a sign of disrespect. Any perceived offence is a function of your ego.

YOUR time is valuable. YOUR calls are important. YOUR presence should be treasured.

Ego has no place in an entrepreneur’s life. If your client keeps you waiting, suck it up. Consider yourself lucky you have a client.

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