Entrepreneurs think twice before starting

entrepreneur mafia

Starting a business is like joining the mafia: Its hard getting in, but its much harder getting out.

Startups are hard to kill. If you think its difficult getting off the ground, wait till you try shut down.

Its not easy and its not fun.

Think carefully before you start a business. The key question to ask is not “How do I start?” Rather its “How do I get out one day?”

You need to have a realistic exit plan. A plausible way to get out of the business after 3-5 years and go sailing for a year.

You may not ever take a break, but you need the option of being able to take a break.

Otherwise you’ll get stuck on a treadmill you can’t get off. You’ll be trapped.

The point of being an entrepreneur is to attain freedom. No matter how much money you have you can’t be free if you can’t get out of your business.

Chase your dreams, but make sure you have an exit.

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