Entrepreneurs suck it up

entrepreneur whining

Lost a deal? Lost money? Lost face? You poor baby, oooshy wooshy woo…

Toughen up.

When things didn’t go your way you have two choices:

Whine, or suck it up.

Entrepreneurs suck it up. No time to whine, only time to keep moving forward. Some setbacks are so big that there really is no silver lining. Fine.

What you gonna do about it?

Complain? Blame? Moan?

What does that achieve? Nothing. Whining gets you nowhere except a reputation for being a whiner.

No one likes a whiner.

Exercise the art of acquiescence. Accept that shit happens, move on.

Living in the past, scrabbling to get back what you’ve lost, spending your life rationalizing and justifying, none of this gets you anywhere except stuck in the mud

The only way to get out of Hell is to keep moving.

Stop whining.

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