Entrepreneurs solve their own problems

entrepreneur jesus

As an entrepreneur you will encounter myriad challenges, in domains far from your own. Debt, fund-raising, IP law, labour law, partnerships, listings, sales, marketing, accounting, logistics, cashflow, expansion, etc…

The temptation is to hire consultants to solve these problems for you. Need to grow awareness? Hire a PR company. Need to protect your IP? Hire a lawyer. Need to list? Hire an investment bank.

By all means delegate the unimportant stuff. Make sure you have the right staff. Find partners that complement you.

But never think someone else will solve your problems. Your banker, your lawyer, your auditor, none of them own your business.

Only you own your business.

Only you can solve your problems.

That’s why cash scarcity can be a blessing. It forces you to solve your own problems rather than hire people.

You’re forced to take personal responsibility.

Don’t wait for Jesus. Jesus ain’t coming. The only person that can save you, is you.

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